We have experience working within the Middle East and have recently worked in the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.  Our work in the Middle East includes a review of the Civil Defense Fire and Rescue Service and support delivery of a major transformation program intended to create a more efficient, effective and enhanced emergency service provision. We have been appointed by the Home Office as Subject Matter Experts in the field of Emergency Services.  We work with the UK and Welsh Government, Local Government Association, London Councils, local authorities and fire and rescue services. Additionally we have a growing portfolio of private sector clients including PWC, Capita, ORH Ltd, Health Safety Emirates and the Fire Safety Scheme UK. We deliver highly contemporary sector advice and technically  competent solutions in all of our projects.

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Do I get full access to all the programs?

Yes, the monthly membership and yearly membership grants you full access to our Salsa Program and all future programs.

How long does it take to complete the Salsa program?

It all depends on the level you are starting from and how much you practice. Our Salsa Program consists of over eight and half of hours of instruction in a total of over 80 videos. To master these moves, you will need to practice and review. These factors effect the amount of time you'll need to learn the material. We willl also be adding new content periodically so there will always be more to learn.

Do I need a partner to follow the lessons?

There are some lessons, such as the Salsa Footwork Module that you can do on your own; however, we suggest you go through the program with a partner.

How do I submit my video for review?

To be able to submit your video for review you will need to be enrolled in our yearly membership. You will then be given access to a private email adddress where you will submit your video. Our dance instructors will review the video and get back to you with tips for how to improve your technique and answer any questions you may have.

Can I download the video lessons?

No, the lessons are not available for download. You must sign in to have full access. You can access our site from any device from anywhere in the world.

How do I cancel my memebrship?

To cancel your membership send an email to and we will promptly cancel or suspend your membership.